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Journal of eHealth Technology and Application

The aim of this Journal is to outline how Telecommunication can be used for health transformation and how bridging the gap between the big city network and the rural and isolated area network.


All the papers shall be reviewed by scientific program committee members. This journal provides explanations and very practical information on methodologies, hardware and software technologies for practitioners in the field of eHealth development.

Article adoption conditions
ITU-D SG2 Q14(Rapporteur; Prof. Leonid Androuchko) has conducted and checked all contents of the contributed papers.
On behalf of the Q14, Tokai University and the NICT published these Journal.
The print number of copies is 1000, are published tree or four times per year, and are distributed to the ITU 195 member countries, the library in the main university.

Article adoption conditions are as follows;
1. All scientific papers (original articles) are peer reviewed by committee members.
2. Brief communication was selected by the Editors-in-Chief as a technical paper.
3. From the standpoint of the international policy, the Rapporteur of the Q14(ITU-D SG2 telecommunications for eHealth ) can request the author to contribute her/his article to the report of ITU-D. In that case, another copyright form ( ITU publication ) have to be assigned separately from this Journal.

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